Monday, September 3, 2012

26 facts about millennials online, social and mobile behaviors

The Online World

1. 93% of those aged 12-29 go online.
2. Seven out of ten teens aged 12- 17 have a computer.
3. Two thirds of those aged 18-29 own a laptop while half own a desktop.
4. 63% of teens internet users go online everyday.
5. 48% of teens aged 14-17 have bought something online. Just under six out of ten girls make online purchases compared to just under half of the boys in the same age group.
6. Nearly seven out of ten 14-17 year-olds get news online about current events.
7. Four out of five aged 12-17 own a game console compared to six out of ten aged 18-29.
8. A quarter of 12-17 year-olds go online via game console.

Social Networking Sites

9. 55% those aged 12-13 go on social networking sites versus 82% of those aged 14-17.
10. Nearly six out of ten 18-29 year-olds have more than one social networking profile more than one site. A number that is increasing year over year.
11. Social networking fatigue: one out of five teens aged 13-17 no longer visits Facebook or is using it less.
12. Social networking abandonment rates with 13-17 year-olds: MySpace at 22%, YouTube and Twitter at 15%, Facebook at 9%.
13. Two thirds of 13-17 year-olds reported decreased Facebook use in last 6 months. Half say the reason is the result of “lost interest” or simply, that “it’s boring.”
14. Decline in online teen activities over last 4 years: everyday messaging to friends is down 5%, sending group messages is down 11%, private messages is down 16%, and posting comments on a friend’s blog is down 24%.
15. Teens are still highly active in commenting on friends pictures (83%) and page or wall (86%)
16. Girls between ages 14-17 use Twitter more (13%) and boys in the same age group (7%).
17. 37% those aged 18-24 post status updates regarding themselves on Twitter and other status updating sites. They also view other updates. Up 19% from two years earlier.
18. Teens in decline towards blogging activity. Since 2006, teens who blog has declined by half from 28% to 14%. Teen commenting on blogs through social networks has also declined from 76% to 52%.
19. Blogging has declined in those aged 18-29 from 24% three years earlier to 15%.

Mobile Phone Activity

20. Two thirds of 18-29 are cell phone internet users.
21. 78% of teens aged 13-17 have a cell phone.
22. Texting has increased 566% with 12-17 year-old over the last 3 years.
23. Eight out of ten of those aged 13-17 send text messages.
24. Over nine out of ten 18-29 year-olds own a cell phone. Up 22% from 5 years earlier.
25. 95% of cell phone owners aged 18-29 send and receive text messages. 93% also take pictures with their cell phones. Highest among any demographic
26. Seven out of ten 18-29 year olds go online via cell phones at least once a day.