Saturday, February 9, 2013

Coke FM Colombia-The worlds first concert at 50 meters

By Nick Sutherland

Coca Cola in Colombia staged a concert featuring Don Tetto (one of my favorite Colombian bands btw) to promote their online radio station Coke FM.

The audience were required to download the band's songs on the radio station's website, in order for them to descend to and use the stage built on the ground. For every 10,000 songs from coke FM's website the platform lowered by 10 meters and finally made it to the mAin stage. There were over 50,000 downloads in one hour in this genius campaign ! The audience literally "downloaded" the band.

The interaction time in the website increased by 800 % and 337 % more visitors !!

To get free tickets, fans had to send a photo of themselves with a cd, dvd or holding up a picture of Don Tetto various websites, including Coke FM, Don Tetto's facebook page, ( a Colombian music magazine)  and 

This was a tremendous work of synergy between Coke and Don Tetto which raised the social media equity of both. The "Call To Action" was viral. This was a bleeding edge campaign which went beyond the usual dog and pony show of staging a concert and plastering Coke visuals everywhere, the audience had to interact with Coca-Cola.

Intangible Sponsorship Benefit
Coke, already the market leader in Colombia is cementing its partnership with the young people (the Millenials), as the brand which identifies with their psyche and follows the paradigm shift in engaging with consumers.

The advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather de Colombia won the Ojo de Oro (Latin America's advertising awards) for best interactive campaign.

And on another note, I think this probably was a good marketing spinoff for Android devices and Iphones   vs. Blackberry, because of their faster browsers there was considerable buzz afterwards that Android and Iphone users were able to download their songs faster. 

Imagine the comments during the concerts:

Paola (android user): "I downloaded the first song. What about you?"
Alejando (Blackberry user): "No, wait, almost..almost..almost...."
Sandra(Iphone user): "I just got the third song"
Alejandro (Blackberry user): "Almost got the first one..almost.."

See video below of the campaign and concert.