Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bacardi celebrates 'untameable' spirit with global marketing campaign
The rum brand is launching a new global campaign based around the line, "Untameable since 1862", along with a new visual identity and typeface inspired by the Cuban Art Deco style of Bacardi’s former sales office in Havana.

The television, digital and print ads offer snapshots into the brands history spanning more than 150 years with headlines such as, ‘We Remember Prohibition – It was a Blast’; ‘Some Men are Kicked Out of Bars – Others are Kicked Out of Countries’; and ‘Earthquakes, Fire, Exile, Prohibition – Sorry Fate, You Picked the Wrong Family’.

TV, digital and print ads, by BETC London, look to convey the "true grit and determination" which has sustained the Bacardi family though various challenges, including natural disasters, prohibition and exile from Cuba in the wake of the country’s Communist revolution.

A global TV ad, called ‘Procession’, shows actor Jordi Mollà walking through different crowds representing historical events, with a voiceover by Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs. In all global marketers, other than the UK, the ad will be soundtracked by Arctic Monkeys hit ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ 

Dmitry Ivanov, senior global category director of rums for Bacardi, said: "Bacardi is known for its passionate drive, regardless of circumstance, convention or expectation.   The campaign pays tribute to the brand’s enduring popularity, continuing ingenuity and connects with consumers as it inspires them to ignite the bold, ‘Irrepressible Spirit’ within us all.” 
“Taking a global creative approach with the ‘Bacadri Untameable Since 1862’ campaign allows us to focus all of our marketing resources against a single powerful idea; an idea that’s completely ownable to Bacardi as it is rooted in the brand’s history and the Bacardí family’s attitude to life.”

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